Come enjoy various international cuisines in 1 restaurant.

In a beautiful setting with marble walls,, heerlijk comfortable chairs, and a sprankelende sfeer, you find yourself in a culinary dream waarin je kunt genieten van vers seafood, lekker vlees en fantastische gerechten uit Europa en Azië.

Het team van Lucky Apple is zeer enthousiast om dit concept aan te bieden aan onze gasten. Ons doel is dan ook "something for everyone". Come taste a variety of international dishes and belevingen; and trigger your curiosity for more. Lucky Apple loves to take you on this amazing tasting journey.

Kortom; een Internationale, culinaire ervaring in een luxe omgeving!


Prof. Asserweg 1D – 5144 NC Waalwijk

+31 0416 – 537813

More than just "All You Can Eat"

We believe going out for dinner is more than just having a meal, it is an experience. To create this amazing experience, we have taken care of our interior design and stylish tables to create a warm atmosphere in which you can enjoy wonderful buffets and Live Cooking.

Our friendly staff makes sure that you feel welcome when you arrive and that you step outside with a big smile (and a full tummy) when you go home.

Do you have any food allergies? Please always mention this to our staff. We will help and advise you.

Do you have other wishes or concerns? Our staff is always there for you. Lucky Apple is a family business and we live by family principles.