About Lucky Apple

We believe going out for dinner is more than just having a meal.
It is a total experience of ambiance,
hospitality and delicious dishes


Just a little more All-in
than other restaurants!

We love to guide your through our beautiful location:
The first thing you will see in our beautiful round kitchen is an impressive buffet with the most delicious cakes, pies, and desserts that you can think of. The round is continued by fresh sushi, pokebowls and seafood that is prepared fresh daily. Our appetizer buffet offers small cold dishes such as carpaccio, vitello tonnato and a variety of salads.

The appetizers and salads are presented on small plates and in small bowls, which you can take directly without having to create combinations yourself. We love to give you that little extra luxury. Enjoy our freshly baked bread with different kinds of dips at the bread buffet.

Playing paradise for kids:
Especially for the kids, we have created a playing paradise with an indoor playing structure of 5 meters height, including a slide. Besides that, kids can enjoy freshly baked pancakes, "poffertjes", waffles, candyfloss and our dessert buffet. We offer plenty of choices for your kids!

Every day we offer fresh soups that vary regularly. When you arrive at the warm buffet, you won't believe your eyes. Live Cooking and buffets intertwine, as do the international cuisines. On the one side you will find a beautiful pizza oven where we make fresh pizzas, and next to that we have our pasta chef preparing fresh Italian pastas for you.

Choose your own meat, gambas or coquilles from the grill or enjoy an Argentinian steak with Chimicurri. If you like the Asian cuisine, you are in the right place too. Our chefs love to wok your combinations and prepare fresh DimSum in steamer baskets.

To top it all off, you can also visit our warm buffet where we have delicious international dishes ready for you. Our dishes are prepared daily by a team of 15 chefs that are also there for you to answer any questions or concerns.

"The concept includes a variety of international cuisines served at our impressive buffet. Some of our tables are located on a large entresol from which you have a nice view over the restaurant and our impressive buffet."